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  • tamarax4
    Nov 15, 2001
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      Hi Tania<br>I too have a son with spastic quad cp
      who was born at 32 weeks and he also tricked us. No
      probs at all in special care, but it was picked up
      early (at six weeks) so we also have the advantage of
      early intervention. His name is Samuel and he is now 8
      months. He also has cortical vision impairment and has
      been put on Prozac due to severe cerebral
      irritability. He also rarely sleeps and is on Chloral Hydrate
      to get him some sleep at night. Hope to become some
      support for you. <br>Love and best wishes<br>Tamara - mum
      to Joshua 10, Alexander 5, Louise 2, and Samuel
      8mths - cp & cvi
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