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1975Madisyn turned 2/test results

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  • Helen
    Dec 1, 2004
      A update......
      My little Madisyn turned 2 on Mon. Along with her birthday we are
      also celebrating that her genetic tests for angelman, prader-willi,
      fragile x and retts all came back negative.HORRAY! The down side is
      that her genetics doctor thinks that there is something else besides
      CP but he has nothing else to test her for based on symptoms. So she
      will be one of the kids with out a true dx. So I guess we will just
      continue to call it CP and I will have to come to terms that I will
      never have the awnsers I want. I guess it is a good thing though,
      had it been any of those things it would have implied a lot more
      problems for her in her future. So we will move on and work with the
      info we do have. We will be starting down a new road next week by
      trying a different form of therapy since she so detests traditional
      PT. Hope she is more receptive to it. She has been alot happier now
      that she is crawling. She is a lot less frustrated and she is W
      sitting less.
      On different note.It has been great to see Madisyns little sister
      (6mos) hitting her milestones. Just to remeber what a developing
      infant is suppose to be like. Even though there is no reason to
      think anything is wrong with her -I have been so worried. She is
      babbling and starting to sit with out support. As worried as I was
      about having another baby it has been great for our family. We don't
      take anything she does for granted. The other day I was all excited
      that she transferred an object from hand to hand and my sister
      didn't understand why it was a big deal. Madisyn was almost 17 mo
      before she did that. It amazes me all the things I took for granted
      with my oldest child.
      OK so I am totally rambling but I guess I am kind of just putting
      eveything in percpective while I am typing. Sorry.
      Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving.