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137~God Bless all of you and your Families~

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  • tlc_lll
    Oct 4, 2000
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      May God give each and every one of you the
      strengh you need on a daily basis and guide you thur your
      bad days and good days.You are all being guided by
      the angels from up above. My name is Monica I am not
      a parent with a child of CP, however I work with a
      little boy with CP and a little girl with down syndrome.
      I dont really understand the full meaning of each
      condition but am doing my best to learn more about them.
      The little boy I take care of has sever brain damage
      due to menigitis and CP he has seizures all the time
      on an average day he has had 10 my heart drops each
      time, they are mild but I wish there was something I
      could do to help him. If any one has any sugesstions
      please let me know. <br>Hugs Monica
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