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Yuba County, 7-1-2005

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  • Mike Feighner
    Birders: Thanks Ed Pandolfino for providing helpful hints on good birding locations in Yuba County. It was a successful trip, although I didn t get to the
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      Thanks Ed Pandolfino for providing helpful hints on good birding locations
      in Yuba County. It was a successful trip, although I didn't get to the area
      until about 10 AM despite Ed's hints at getting to grassland areas of Yuba
      County (Grasshopper Sparrow, Horned Lark, etc.) "early". I did have some
      business to do in Elk Grove beforehand and did not reach the area until 10
      AM, and the temperature was already in the 90s.

      Some notes for future travelers to Yuba County:

      The east end of Dairy Road has no sign, and at the west end someone has
      turned the road signs for Dairy Road and 40-mile Road so that Dairy Road is
      now 40-mile Road, and 40-mile Road is now Dairy Road.

      Some may recall an old email of mine from a couple years ago about a second
      Scales Road. The 2nd Scales Road is very apparent. The first old white
      Scales Road sign is now replaced with a green sign with a right arrow. In
      other words, Scales (not Scales Road) is in that direction. This is 0.4
      mile (south of) before the real Scales Road. Scales Road has a bridge that
      can carry 7 tons.

      At 10 AM the temperature was already in the 90s. By noon it was over 100.
      So, that put a stop on the grassland species.

      Birding began at the Camp Far Dam, Bridge and Spillway. Swallow flock at
      the bridge in in the hundreds. I parked at the first road to the right
      north of the bridge and dam and walked back to the bridge. There is no
      parking on the dam. I walked back and forth along the dam and bridge at
      least a half dozen times. On the third crossing I spotted a single Rock
      Wren (#149) on the dam that flew quickly to a bush just south of the
      spillway and nearest the top of the dam. Here this 'bush' Rock Wren called
      several times while perched at this bush.

      Searching through the huge flock Cliff Swallows I was able to pick out and
      refind several times one or two Bank Swallows (#150) over the bridge and

      I discovered a single Black Tern (#151) at Mathews Lane and Tanabe Road and
      a total of three Black Terns flying around the field east of Tanabe Road
      north of where it bends to the north. From here I was able to hear a Marsh
      Wren (#152).

      I discovered a single large marshy pond east of Ramirez Road and north of
      Fruitland Road. This pond had two Black-necked Stilts, three American White
      Pelicans (#153), a single American Avocet (#154), and a Common Moorhen

      Unexpectedly, there were no Tricolored Blackbirds, and expectedly no
      Swainson's Hawks anywhere.

      Scales Road, temperature was pleasantly in the upper 70s, had Hermit,
      Yellow-rumped, and MacGillivray's Warblers, all three Vireos, Band-tailed
      Pigeon, Red-breasted Nuthatch, Mountain Chickadee, Spotted Towhee, Western
      Tanager. I did hear what sounded like the call of an immature hawk but
      later did hear a Red-tailed Hawk, but there were also Steller's Jays around.
      I did hope for Cooper's Hawk or Purple Finch.

      For those interested there was a small flock of Wild Turkeys north west of
      Highway 20 and Marysville Road.

      Yuba County was my last California County below 150 [nib].

      Mike Feighner, Livermore, CA, Alameda County
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