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18868Yolo CO Migrants 08.17.14

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  • Terry Colborn
    Aug 18, 2014

      My wife, Diane, and I birded Putah Creek east of the Pedrick Rd bridge this morning and had a nice array of migrants. Taking the lower trail as it bends down toward the creek, we immediately encountered several warbler species including BLACK-THROATED GRAY, HERMIT, TOWNSEND'S, YELLOW and WILSON'S. There was a big yellow ball in the brush by the trail that marks this area. Continuing east we observed several ASH-THROATED, a PACIFIC SLOPE and a WILLOW FLYCATCHER; a WESTERN WOOD-PEWEE, and BLUE-GRAY GNATCATCHER were also present. We had a vireo sp. but could not get a positive ID as it moved quickly in the canopy overhead before disappearing. In the area of the bird bathing "pools" we had a pair of LAZULI BUNTING, a BLACK-HEADED GROSBEAK and several W. KINGBIRD. There were no birds seen bathing. Interesting to note that there has been some significant stream bank restoration undertaken at this spot, and much of the brush and berry bushes have been removed.

      An afternoon visit to the Yolo Bypass WA didn't turn up any new species, however the numbers of shorebirds, gulls and waders in the flooded rice checks opposite Parking C was impressive. We noted the continuing presence of several SNOWY PLOVER but could not relocate the Red-necked Phalarope seen and photographed by Michael Reinhart last week.


      Terry and Diane Colborn
      Davis, CA