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18715Re: [CVBirds] News from YBWA regarding shorebird water and Least Bells Vireo hunting!

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  • Hydro Spheric
    Jun 7, 2014
      The new trail is very nice. It's only accesible (in an easy way) from the NW corner.
      Unfortunately no sight of the Bell's Vireo today but many birds in this area. Too bad the area beyond the slough is off limits.

      Great sightings of a Great-horned Owl, Green Heron, Bullock's Orioles, Blue Grosbeaks, Wood Duck with young.

      On Friday, June 6, 2014 1:31 PM, "Naturestoc@... [central_valley_birds]" <central_valley_birds@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Hi all.
      I have been in attendance at two recent meetings between members of SAS, YAS, CVBC and the management of the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area to discuss issues regarding water management etc at the YBWA. Much information was shared by the management that was very eye-opening and encouraging! More details of these meeting will come in the future but for now, two exciting bits of news can be shared.
      First, the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area Management has announced that they will be flooding up two fields this summer specifically to attract and feed migrating shorebirds! follow the link to a map showing the location and some info about getting around the fields.
      Please note that the fields are surrounded by active rice fields, so farm equipment and activities could be present at any time. Aerial view by Google Earth.
      And, a NEW WALKING TRAIL has been readied near Parking Lot G. This new trail brings us very close to the Least Bells Vireo sighting areas of the recent past that are now closed! Parking Lot G is the Southern most publicly accessible parking lot in the Wildlife Area. 
      To see a map showing the trail and info, click here -http://naturestoc.smugmug.com/Images-for-ebird-linking-only/i-bCFvfk8/0/L/NEW-TRAIL-WEST-OF-PARKING-LOT-Ga-L.jpg
      Aerial views by Google Earth.
      Dan Brown,
      Welcome to my photo galleries. I have recently added a "slideshow" featuring abstracts and illustrations. Check it out below! Just below my galleries, you...
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