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18259"Kiting" behavior in peregrine falcons

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  • Kimery Yancey
    Jan 7, 2014
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      Greetings, Central Valley Birders;

      A local birding friend of mine observed what he is certain was a peregrine falcon (at Merced NWR), but it was "kiting."  He asked me if I have ever observed such behavior from a peregrine -- I have not.

      Has anyone out there witnessed such behavior from a peregrine?

      Madeline Yancey

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      From: Gene Trapp <grtrapp@...>
      Central Valley Birds Birds Valley <central_valley_birds@yahoogroups.com>
      Wed, Jan 8, 2014 01:51:53 GMT+00:00
      [CVBirds] Ferruginous Hawk over West Pond, Davis


      At about 4:36 p.m. today, Jo Ellen Ryan and I saw an adult Ferruginous Hawk flying east over the south end of West Pond in Davis. West Pond was discovered by the Wild Turkeys a couple months ago and now has a population of at least 13 males of the this year. A few weeks ago we saw some of the males aggressively chase Canada Geese into the pond. However, with no rain there is almost no water in West Pond now.

      Location of West Pond: It is south of Covell Blvd and north of Arlington in west Davis. Take Covell Blvd west of Hwy 113 to the 3rd light, Denali, go left, then take 2nd right, Isle Royale. Park by small park at end of street.

      Gene Trapp

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