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18244American River Birding, Sacto Co. 1-4-14

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    Jan 4, 2014
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      I went birding along the American River this morning, from the Nimbus Hatchery parking lot to near the percolation ponds. 
      Interesting birds included:
      - Peregrine Falcon - One adult probable Tundra race bird perched on cable that runs across the river, near the fish ladder.  It was  probably the same bird that perches in the same location on the cable consistently.
      - Male Hooded Merganser - One male swimming with a large group of other diving ducks, mostly Common Goldeneyes.  It was within 500 feet of the fish ladder, downstream.
      - Barrow's Goldeneye  - Four birds, including 2 adult males, in the same vicinity of the Hooded Merganser
      Of probable lesser interest were 2 adult Glaucous-winged gulls, with their light gray wingtips about the color of the mantle.  The salmon run is or is almost over, and the number and diversity of gull species appeared diminished.
      Flow in the American River is a reported 1100 cubic feet/sec., so still plenty of water to attract waterbirds.
      Frank Gray