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18232Re: Advice for crane fly-in?

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  • Fred Werner
    Jan 2, 2014
      Thanks everyone for the great advice.  We ended up spending the bulk of our time at Cosumnes where we had fabulous close views of a huge variety of some beautiful ducks.

      We then got a little side-tracked following a tip about hundreds of swans near Rt. 12.  Sure enough, in the flooded fields on the north side of Rt. 12, just west of the Potato Slough bridge, there were several hundred Swans.  We got so caught up in the hundreds in the water and the air there, as well as all the White-fronted Geese flying in, that we over-stayed our visit.

      By the time we got to Staten Island Rd., the sun had set, and the thousands of cranes had already arrived (along with untold numbers of geese, some swans and other waterfowl).  It was still quite a sight to see, and there were still cranes, geese, and swans flying in as it got dark.

      Here's my eBird list from Cosumnes.  Didn't see any raptors there, I couldn't identify the gulls to species, and I don't trust my judgement in discerning Cackling/Canada geese:

      Species List  32 species (+2 other taxa) total   


      400  Greater White-fronted Goose

       200  Cackling/Canada Goose

       4  Gadwall

       4  American Wigeon

       2  Mallard

       16  Cinnamon Teal

       100  Northern Shoveler

       2  Northern Pintail

       12  Green-winged Teal

       20  Ring-necked Duck

       2  Bufflehead

       1  Great Egret

       12  Turkey Vulture

       250  American Coot

       48  Sandhill Crane

       6  Black-necked Stilt

       2  Killdeer

       3  Long-billed Dowitcher

       1  Wilson's Snipe

       4  gull sp.

       1  Belted Kingfisher

       1  Northern Flicker

       1  Black Phoebe

       1  Western Scrub-Jay

       1  Red-breasted Nuthatch

       2  Ruby-crowned Kinglet

       2  Western Bluebird

       4  Cedar Waxwing

       4  Yellow-rumped Warbler

       1  Song Sparrow

       40  White-crowned Sparrow

       12  Golden-crowned Sparrow

       250  Red-winged Blackbird

       4  House Finch


      On Wed, Jan 1, 2014 at 10:39 AM, Fred Werner <freddywerner@...> wrote:
      Does anyone have specific recommendations for where to watch an impressive sunset fly-in sandhill cranes?  A few of us are birding Cosumnes today, and I've heard of Staten Island Rd. and Woodbridge, but I don't really know where to go at either place.

      Any detailed suggestions would be very helpful.  Thanks and Happy New Year!!

      Fred Werner
      Berkeley, CA