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Re: No luck with Black Rail

Jim, and others - I hope it resumes calling to prove it is still there. A lot of birders have had luck with that one in Yolo County.xź Coincidentally, Gary
Jul 26

Putah Creek riparian reserve

I visited the reserve this morning, and it was decently birdy, including a wood pewee, a Pac-slope type flycatcher, an unidentified empidonax with a rounded
Jul 25

No luck with Black Rail

Not a peep from the Bridgeway Pond Black Rail between 10-11 am this morning, although I did hear a brief Virginia Rail grunt from the previously described
Jim Rowoth
Jul 25

Black Rail (continues) - Yolo Co.

Good morning birders, I heard the continuing Black Rail at the Bridgeway Island Pond in West Sacramento this morning between 6:10 and 6:30 AM. The bird called
Jul 25

Woodland WTP water levels

Although water in the first pond at the Woodland WTP in Yolo is still high, the pond southwest of the communication towers ( which is contiguous with the
Jul 24

Black Terns - Husted Road Detention Pond

July 23, 2017 This afternoon, the BLACK TERNS continue as the Husted Road Detention Ponds, located on Husted Road, near Hwy 20. There were ten birds. These
Jul 23

Sacramento Co. Solitary Sandpiper

Hi all A Solitary Sandpiper, a rare county bird away from restricted areas of the Cosumnes River Preserve and Bufferlands, was seen this afternoon at Anatolia
Gil Ewing
Jul 23

Fwd: Sacramento Co. Solitary Sandpiper, 2nd try

Although this message showed up in my "sent" folder, only the P.S. message arrived in my "inbox", so I'm resending/forwarding it again. Apologies for the
Gil Ewing
Jul 23

P.S. about the Solitary Sandpiper

P.S. Forgot to add, don't even think about viewing the Anatolia Vernal Pool Reserve without a scope! The light is best in the late afternoon, since you'll be
Gil Ewing
Jul 23

Black Rail, Bridgeway Island Pond, W. Sacramento, YOLO

Continuing bird vocalizing from the reeds NE of the pump house. I heard it as I rounded the corner walking around the N part of the pond. It's now iin an area
Frances Oliver
Jul 23

Bridgeway Island Black Rail continues - 7/22

Sorry for the late report, but the Black Rail was still present at sunset on 7/22 at Bridgeway Island Pond in Yolo County. It had moved around to the reeds on
Frank Fogarty
Jul 23

fall migration for songbirds

is underway in north Davis. This morning I had Allens/Rufous Hummer, Wilson's Warbler, House Wren (which did not over-summer), and presumably (unseen)
Steve Hampton
Jul 21

Re: Black Rail Continues at Bridgeway in West Sac

I was there today from around noon to 1:00 pm, and recorded it calling once, for ~23 seconds, at 12:22 pm. Charles Smith Sacramento
Jul 21

Yolo life lists and Iceland Gull

Just a reminder about life lists for Yolo, if you're counting both Thayer's and Iceland Gulls for Yolo (and we've had some of the latter, both kumlieni and a
Steve Hampton
Jul 20

Black Rail Continues at Bridgeway in West Sac

Update today: Bird Last heard at 10:30 but other birders were going in at 10:45. Andrew Engilis, Jr. Curator Museum of Wildlife and Fish Biology 455 Crocker
Andrew Engilis
Jul 20
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