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Diverse City Fund Grant Opportunities

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  • David Mariner
    (Want to help us spread the word? Download the PDF
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 8, 2012
      (Want to help us spread the word? Download the PDF
      0Apply%20by%20Sept%2E%2024> , or just the flyer image
      e/id=0B-DmN55pBfzZTHdXVjNYZ3Rwdzg> , or share it on Google Docs
      7/id=0B-DmN55pBfzZOU13ZGlrZlFTdVU> .)
      Grant Funding for Changemakers of Color in DC
      Apply by Sept. 24!

      Should Your Group Apply?

      The Diverse City Fund gives out grants to fund volunteer-powered
      initiatives to create more justice in DC neighborhoods and communities
      of color, led by changemakers with little access to funding.
      Who Have We Funded?
      The DC Fund has awarded $90,000 in grants to 45 organizations (in 2011
      pt%2E%2024> and 2012
      pt%2E%2024> ) who are convening a people of color LGBT summit, working
      to end the crib-to-prison pipeline, creating opportunities for single
      mothers, building economic power by organizing cooperative work
      environments, organizing for justice with transgender residents of DC,
      developing multigenerational urban farming programs, teaching about and
      producing grassroots media and helping youth create their own mobile
      apps. (And more!)

      What Do You Need to Apply?

      * Grant requests must be less than $5,000
      * For projects in communities of color in the District of Columbia
      * Demonstrating little access to funding and a vision for social

      What Don't You Need?

      * prior 501c3 fiscal sponsorship (we'll help you get sponsored if you
      are awarded a grant)
      * Any experience applying for grants

      How To Apply by Sept. 24 - visit www.DiverseCityFund.org
      ts%21%20Apply%20by%20Sept%2E%2024> to download an application, submit
      it via email to info@...
      <mailto:info@...> .

      Questions? Read our FAQ here.
      s%21%20Apply%20by%20Sept%2E%2024> And attend our Grant Info Session
      Sept. 18, 6:30pm at 733 Euclid St NW (Note: enter via rear alley if you
      want to avoid several flights of stairs.)
      About the DC FundEstablished in 2011 and completely volunteer-run, the
      Diverse City Fund works to nurture community leaders and grassroots
      projects which are acting to transform DC into a more just, vibrant
      place to live. Through our grantmaking, we identify, support, and
      connect people in communities of color who are engaged in change work.
      We support the development of community-level social change by funding
      projects that have less access to traditional funding sources.
      Keep up with the Fund by following us on Facebook
      7> or Twitter
      8> or by going to diversecityfund.org
      20Apply%20by%20Sept%2E%2024> and signing up for updates.

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