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Apoyemos: UGANDA: Una cuestión de vida o muerte

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  • Frank Evelio ARTEAGA
    * URGENTE:* Querido Amigos y amigas: Acabo de firmar una petición exigiendo al Presidente Ugandés Museveni que vete la legislación para “Matar a los
    Message 1 of 1 , May 9, 2011
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      * URGENTE:*
      Querido Amigos y amigas:

      Acabo de firmar una petición exigiendo al Presidente Ugandés Museveni que
      vete la legislación para “Matar a los Gays”, de ser aprobada por el

      Recién nos enteramos, esta ley para “matar a los gays”—una pena de muerte
      para personas LGBT en Uganda— se presentará para votación en las próximas 72
      horas (1) si no actuamos ahora.

      Líderes conservadores intentan arduamente impulsar este proyecto de ley sin
      que millones de personas como nosotros y nosotras tengamos la oportunidad de
      oponernos y alzar nuestra voz. Si logramos hacer un llamado internacional
      masivo, tendremos una oportunidad para evitar que esta medida se convierta
      en ley.

      Sólo quedan días para asegurarnos que tu voz sea escuchada. ¿Te unirías a mi
      exigiendo al Presidente Ugandés Museveni que vete el proyecto de ley para
      “Matar a los Gays” en caso que sea aprobado por el Parlamento?

      Firma esta petición urgente:


      Lamentablemente no hay tiempo como para traducir este texto pero estoy
      seguro que todas y todos comprendemos la urgencia de firmar este petitorio.
      Desde ya les agradezco la atención que le puedan prestar a este mensaje

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      Dear friend,


      *We have 72 hours to stop the
      "Kill the Gays" bill in Uganda.

      No one should face death because of who they love. Can you take 1 minute to
      add your voice?*

      Conservative lawmakers in Uganda are working to advance a bill that would
      sentence LGBT people to death. That’s right, death for countless lesbian,
      gay, bisexual and transgender people in Uganda. *We just learned the “kill
      the gays” bill could come up for a vote in the next 72 hours (1) if we don’t
      act now. *

      A conservative leader recently presented the Ugandan parliament with 2
      million signatures in support of the law (2). They are trying hard to push
      the bill forward before the millions like us who oppose it have a chance to
      speak out. *We need to create an international outcry to stop this bill and
      we need to do it fast.*

      *We have 72 hours to act: can you sign this petition to President Museveni
      demanding that he publicly vow to veto this hateful bill? * As soon as you
      sign, please pass it on to everyone you know. Our best chance at stopping
      the bill is each other—if thousands of us spread the word we can make clear
      that the world is watching and we will not allow this to stand.


      While some conservative members of parliament have staked their political
      careers on this bill (3), Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni has shown
      himself to be sensitive to international pressure. Last year, a massive
      response from people around the world pushed him to stop the bill in its

      A broad coalition of human rights activists, including Bishop Christopher
      Senyonjo (4), an internationally respected religious leader and outspoken
      supporter of LGBT equality in Uganda, will deliver our petitions directly to
      the President. *Will you please take a moment to speak up for what's right:


      This terrible bill is part of a pattern from conservatives in Uganda to
      marginalize pro-democracy forces - in recent weeks, opposition activists
      have been beaten, teargassed, jailed and even killed (5). And In the last
      year LGBT Ugandans have been repeatedly targeted, attacked, and
      murdered—like beloved activist David Kato (6), murdered just months after a
      local tabloid published his picture under the headline, “Uganda’s Top Homos:
      Hang Them.”(7). Others have been driven out of the country as refugees, and
      sometimes even threatened abroad by the government (8).

      Enough is enough. Please sign this petition to Ugandan president Museveni,
      demanding that he veto the bill should it be passed in Parliament--and then
      pass it on to all of your friends.


      This is so important. Thank you.

      All best and All Out,

      Andre, Erika, Guillaume, Jeremy, Joseph, Prerna, Nita, Oli, Tile, Wesley and
      the rest of the team at All Out

      *PS - The bill won’t just target LGBT Ugandans - Nurses and doctors could be
      jailed for failing to “turn in” their patients. And neighbors would be
      obliged to “report gay activity.” (9) Please sign and share the petition
      now: http://www.allout.org/uganda


      1a. Uganda Antigay Bill Going Forward - 6 May 2011


      1b. IGLHRC Shocked at Possible Passage of Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill -
      6 May 2011


      2. Anti-gay activists call for passing of Bill against homosexuality - 7
      April 2011


      3. Americans’ Role Seen in Uganda Anti-Gay Push


      4a. “God Created You”: Bishop Supports Gay Ugandans, Defies Death Threats

      4b. Bishop Christopher Senyonjo's St. Paul Foundation for International


      5. Uganda protests 'only the beginning,' leader says (AP) - 7 May 2011


      6a. David Kato, Uganda Gay Activist, Brutally Slain


      6b. EU tells Uganda to protect gays


      7. Outcry as Ugandan paper names 'top homosexuals'


      8. Fears for safety of Ugandan lesbian due to be deported


      9. Anti-Homosexuality Bill - Original Text


      *All Out is bringing people together in every corner of the planet and of
      every identity - lesbian, gay, straight, transgender and all that’s between
      and beyond - to build a world in which everyone can live freely and be
      embraced for who they are.*

      *Our mailing address is:*
      Purpose Foundation
      224 Centre St, 6th Fl
      New York, NY 10013

      *Copyright (C) 2011 Purpose Foundation. All rights reserved.*
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