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  • Mónica Taher
    ************************************************************** This is an update from GLAAD s LGBT Latino Media Activist list. Este es un avance noticioso de
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2004
      This is an update from GLAAD's LGBT Latino Media Activist list.
      Este es un avance noticioso de la lista LGBT Latina de GLAAD.

      [From our friends at the Transgender Law Center. Props to JoAnne Keatley
      from the Transgender Resource and Neighborhood Space and Eddie Gutierrez
      from GLAAD for helping out with terminology for the media and for pushing
      the story. This is indeed a GREAT success!

      Press Release
      Thursday, July 1st, 2004

      English Language Press Contact:
      Christopher Daley, Esq.
      Transgender Law Center
      (415) 865-0176, cell (415) 771-7304

      Spanish Language Press Contact:
      JoAnne Keatley, MSW
      Project Director
      Transgender Resource and Neighborhood Space
      (415) 476-2364

      California Superior Court Grants Posthumous Name Change Petition for Slain
      Bay Area Transgender Teen

      Fremont, CA ­ On June 23, 2004 Superior Court Commissioner Thomas Surh
      issued an order recognizing the change of name from Eddie Araujo, Jr. to
      Gwen Amber Rose Araujo. The order had been requested by Gwen¹s mother,
      Sylvia Guerrero, in a May 25th hearing.

      ³I¹m elated for Gwen, my family, and our friends. This is something that all
      of us have been waiting too long for,² said Sylvia. ³It is one of my regrets
      that I didn¹t call my daughter Gwen more while she was alive. Having this
      order granted helps me to put that regret to rest.²

      ³From the day we filed, we were confident that California law would support
      this petition and we are thankful that Commissioner Surh agreed,² said
      Transgender Law Center Co-Director Christopher Daley, Sylvia¹s Attorney.
      ³Hundreds of transgender people access the California Court System for
      official recognition of their name change every year. It is one more way
      that California, as a state, honors and supports the transgender people that
      live here.²

      ³And now that the court has recognized her name, I¹m calling on all print
      and broadcast media outlets to do the same,² said Sylvia. ³Using ³Eddie Gwen
      Araujo² is no longer appropriate in any media coverage. I expect that all of
      you will, from this point forward, refer to my daughter as Gwen Amber Rose
      Araujo or simply Gwen Araujo.²

      Daley agreed, ³Make no mistake, this court order is not a symbolic document.
      Due to last week¹s mistrial, Gwen¹s name and identity will once again be
      subject to unprincipled attacks from the same defense attorneys who have
      spent the last several months disrespecting her. It is my strong hope that
      as we move towards a retrial for their clients, each of these attorneys will
      give this order the respect it demands by referring to Gwen by her legal

      # # # #

      Organization information at:

      Transgender Law Center

      Transgender Resource and Neighborhood Space

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