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McGonigle Cemetery Crawford Co. Kansas (southeast corner)A-E

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  • Carol J.Brooks
    McGonigle Cemetery 2 miles west of 69 Highway just east of the Bone Creek damn,near what was town of Picton,Ks.Crawford Co. From TOMBSTONE TRANSCRIPTIONS of
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 21, 2001
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      McGonigle Cemetery
      2 miles west of 69 Highway
      just east of the
      Bone Creek damn,near what was
      town of Picton,Ks.Crawford Co.
      by Wm. Cuthbertson
      ** not in Tombstone Trans.**
      updated 2/28/2000
      (please read footnote at bottom of page 1
      Solomon b.11/13/1832 d.3/01/1887
      Co.K. 6th Regt. Kansas Cavalry

      R.W. b.10/03/1818 d.4/13/1866

      Jacob d.9/16/1890 age 82 yr 7 mo. 18 da.
      Nancy d.9/14/1889 age 75 yr.6 mo.28 da
      J.C. b.2/23/1837 d.2/28/1913
      Jane b.11/29/1838 d.3/14/1921
      Two stones with dove design unreadable
      William Douglas d.12/31/1874 age 5 yr.3mo.21 da. son of J.C.&
      Dora d.10/28/`87` age 4 yr.21 da. dau. of J.C.& J.
      William L. b.1890 d.1918
      Prov.Guard Hqd Co. Camp Funston,Ks
      Anna b.1897 d.
      Harry b.1879 d.1918
      Sarah A. b.1856 d.1924
      Charles R. b.1852 d.1929
      Alberta b.1872 d.1959
      Charles L. b.1871 d.1966
      Lillian b.1908 d.1970
      Jay C. b.1909 d.19

      Charles E. b.1877 d.1966 FLT
      Lenora b.1879 d.1941
      Ervin b.1872 d.1952
      Mason A. b.1884 d.19
      Martha T. DALTON b.1891 d.1964

      Chamella C. d2/04/1865 age 25 yr.9 mo.29? da. wife of J.B.

      Bessie M. d.6/10/1901 age 17 yr. 2 mo.20 da. dau.of G.W.

      James d.8/19/1937 Kamsas Pvt. Sm. T.N. 10 Div.
      Alcinda b.1846 d.1921
      Joseph b.1842 d.1921

      Lucinda d.1935 age 69 wife of H.

      Henry W. b.6/06/1847 d.1/11/1937
      Henretta R. b.10/20/1852 d.4/11/1922
      Ida Mae b.1884 d.1954
      Levi W. b.1876 d.19

      Henry C. d.2/17/1878 age 1 mo.20 da. son of D.(G) &
      Nory d.11/02/1872 age 1 yr.1 mo. 23 da. dau.of C.&
      Charles E. b.1867 d.1930
      Millie J. b.1871 d.1954
      Mary d.8/08/1866 age 53 yr.9 mo. 25 da.Wife of

      Jane b.1861 d.1887 wife of J.J. stone from

      Jiles A. d.8/??/1873 age 13 yr.2 mo. 16 da.
      son of W.& E.
      Walter Co. A. 10 Kansas Inf.
      Sarah b.4/22/1848 d.7/31/1887 wife of W.C.

      William H."Harve" b.1868 d.1919
      Grace B. b.1879 d.1920
      Andrew J. b.11/06/1858 d.1/29/1891
      Riley b.10/13/1824 d.11/31/1892
      Charlotte T. b.1/07/1835 d.10/05/1915
      Josie b.10/19/1880 d.9/25/1889 daug.of R.& C.
      Infant son d. 1/20/1899 son of W.H.& (G) or C.B.
      Lottie J. b.1912 d.1913 burned
      Harvey L. b.1883 d.1884
      Grace E. b.1895 d.1920
      Katie Dell b.1877 d.1939
      Benjamin S. b.1871 d.1965
      Abraham L. b.1863 d.1958
      Billie Eugene d.8/10/1929
      Florence b.1905 d.19
      Emery b.1904 d.1945
      Ruth Mardell b.1929 d.1930
      Roland b.1907 d.1930
      Fannie H. b.1874 d.1935
      Sebastian C."Sabe" b.1860 d.1965
      Harold Archie DALTON b.4/02/1917 d.12/25/1981 **
      Jonah B. DALTON b.1/16/1903 d.6/19/1987 **
      Lois L. DALTON b.3/24/1907 d.4/29/1987 **
      Riley C. DALTON b.3/29/1895 d.10/03/1980 **
      Roxie M. DALTON b.10/29/1895 d.4/22/1983 **
      Paul L. DALTON b.12/20/1900 d. 3/26/1094 **

      Clara E. d.1/22/1873 age 10 mo.2 da. daughter of W.& L.
      Broken pieces of stone not readable
      Willimson d.9/20/1895 age 68 yrs.4 mo. 20 da.
      Co.C 37 Reg.Iowa Inf.
      Benjamin O. b.10/07/1876 d.2/12/1887 son of M.A.& M.E.
      George T. b.6/11/1866 d.1/25/1898 son of M.A.& M.E.
      Mary E. b.1847 d.1917
      Olive I. b.1919 d.1923
      Emma b.1884 d.1953
      Silas A. b.1871 d.1947

      Lewis Corp'l Co.K. 6th Kansas Cav. (govt)

      Hazel I. b. 1919 d. 1973**

      Lawerence b.11/13/1908 d.2/21/1909 son of J.A.
      Jennie B. (baby) 1922
      Sarah B. b.1878 d.1923
      John M."Jack" b.1888 d.1933
      Jonas b.1/24/1835 d.8/30/1911
      Julia Ann b.3/12/1850 d.3/14/1882
      Ada A. b.3/14/1882 daughter of J.& J.A.
      Sarah A. b.5/02/1871 d.3/11/1872
      Benjamin Oliver b.1904 d.1934
      Minnie M. b.1880 d.1966
      William H. b.1868 d.1934
      Joanas A. b.1872 d.1947
      Clarence ELLIOTT b.1902 d.1986 **
      military stone US Army WWII
      Robert ELLIOTT b. 1903 d. 1976**
      S.Viola ELLIOTT b. 1909 d.1998 **

      **** There are many many broken and unmarked graves
      in this cemetery However no records exixt to who these people were
      ,also the DATON Cemetery was moved to this location******
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