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328Need Help!!

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  • Ellen Schreckengaust
    Nov 3, 2008
        I was asked to try and find the men that was in Company G, 4th Ohio Infantry,  I have looked in alot of places, but I still have not clue to who they are.  So, I was wondering if
      maybe you could possiblely help me out.  I really need help!  Please!

      --- On Fri, 4/18/08, Eugene Glenn Stackhouse <genestackhouse@...> wrote:
      From: Eugene Glenn Stackhouse <genestackhouse@...>
      Subject: [cemeterylist] Civil War burials, Hood Cemetery, Germantown, Phila., PA
      Date: Friday, April 18, 2008, 9:53 PM

      Civil War veterans in the Hood Cemetery, Germantown:

      Henry C. Boyd, Sergeant, 150th PA, Co. A, Plot 405
      Charles Bringhurst, Sergeant, 1st US Artillery, Co. E, Plot 170
      Thomas Brooks, Private, 197th PA, Co. H, Plot 496
      James Buchanan, Sergeant, 115th PA, Co. C, Plot 301
      Andrew J. Burner, 95th PA., Co. E, Plot 293
      Charles Cox, Private, 214th PA, Co. K, Plot 399
      Henry Cox, 214th PA, Co. K, Plot Strangers 77
      Henry Dedier, Private, 28th PA, Co. P, Plot 16
      George Fling, Private, Homeguard, Plot 430
      Thomas Fling, Corporal, 214th PA, Co. I, Plot 439
      William Godbar, Private, 109th PA and 111th PA, Plot 429
      Jacob Kephart, Marine Corps, Plot 275
      James Kirk, Private, 40th PA, Company H, Plot 261
      John Maxwell, 1st Lt., 95th PA, Co. I, Plot 20
      Joseph McCartney, Plot Strangers 84
      Robert J. Murter, Private, 3rd PA, Co. G, Plot 474
      Joseph Shaw, Private, 48th PA, Co. E, Plot 7
      James Steer, Nurse
      William Tarr, Private, 15th PA Cavalry, Co. F, Plot 456
      Benjamin Topham, Captain, 150th PA, Co. B, Plot 469
      Nathaniel Wallis, Private, 104th NY, Plot 459
      William Warren, Private, 95th PA, Co. D, Plot 132
      John R. Waterhouse, Captain, 114th PA, Co. F, Plot 419
      William Williams, 95th PA, Co. E, Plot 165
      William Wilson, Private, 118th PA, Co. B, Plot 264

      Gene Stackhouse

      The Egyptian Ebers Papyrus (c. 1550 BC) states half an onion and the
      froth of beer to be "a delightful remedy against death".

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