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309Friedt, Hoertel, Reinboldt, Arnholdt

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  • Jamie
    Jul 26, 2006
      Looking for Melchoir, Marie, Reinboldt's wife, and Arnholdt's wife.
      This is part of an email I recieved. I cannot find any information
      anywhere. Can anyone give me any information about these or give me
      some direction on where to look?

      Melchior was born about 1760 in Germany. I know very little about
      Melchior Friedt at this time. The information that I do have comes from
      a recently obtained copy of Benjamin2 and Magdalene’s 1816 marriage
      record that listed the names of both of their parents and where they
      were from. From the document, Melchior1 was a Master Tailor in
      Schweigen, Germany. His wife’s name was Marie Marguerite Hoertel and I
      am guessing that they were married about 1780. According to Benjamin’s
      marriage record, his Mother Marie Marguerite passed away on December 13,
      1813. Melchior1 died on January 23, 1823. Both I believe are buried in
      Schweigen, Germany.

      Also listed on the marriage record were, Jacques Reinboldt and Valentin
      Arnholdt who signed the record as witnesses. Both of these Gentlemen
      are listed as brother-in-laws to the groom which alludes to the fact
      that Benjamin had at least two sister’s that I currently have not found
      information on. I did manage to locate one other daughter of Melchior’s
      on a French Genealogy website. Her name was Eve Catherine Friedt born
      on October 11, 1799 in Schweigen, Germany. Eve Catherine married Jean
      Frederic Apffel on January 6, 1825 in Wissembourg, department of
      Bas-Rhin, France where they raised their family and are both buried.
      Geographically, Wissembourg, Bas-Rhin, France and Schweigen, Germany are
      both within about 5 miles of Rott, Bas-Rhin, France where Benjamin and
      Magdalene were married. Although the predominant language of this
      region was German, all official document’s were drawn up in French on
      both sides of the border.