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7 April

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    Celtic and Old English Saints 7 April =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= * St. Brynach of Carn-Engyle * St. Finan of Kinnitty * St. Goran * St.
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      Celtic and Old English Saints 7 April

      * St. Brynach of Carn-Engyle
      * St. Finan of Kinnitty
      * St. Goran
      * St. Llewellwyn and St. Gwrnerth

      St. Brynach of Carn-Engyle (the Irishman)
      (Bernach, Bernacus, Brenach, Bryynach)
      5th century. Brynach was an Irishman who settled in Wales, where
      he built a hermitage and a church at a place called Carn-Engyle
      (Mountain of Angels) overlooking the Nevern (Pembrokeshire).
      Traditionally, the place received its name because Brynach was in
      constant communication with the angels. His church became the
      principal church of the district. Some authors identify him with
      Saint Brannock of Braunton (f.d. January 7)

      It is said that the first cuckoo of spring sings from the churchyard.

      (Benedictines, D'Arcy, Montague, Moran).

      Troparion of St Brynach Tone 2
      O holy Brynach, thou didst leave thy native Ireland/ to seek God in
      Pembroke's solitude./ As thou dost now stand before Christ our God,/
      intercede with Him, we pray,/ that He may have mercy on us.

      St. Finan (Finnian) Cam of Kinnitty, Abbot
      Born in Munster in the 6th century. Saint Finan was a disciple of
      Saint Brendan (f.d. May 16), at whose wish he founded and governed
      a monastery at Kinnitty (Cean-e-thich) in Offaly of which he is the
      patron (Benedictines, Farmer, Husenbeth).

      The Kinnitty High Cross

      St. Goran (Woranus)
      6th century. Several Cornish churches are dedicated to this friend
      of Saint Patrick (f.d. March 17) (Benedictines).

      St. Llewellwyn (LLywelyn) and Gwrnerth
      6th century. Welsh monks at Welshpool and afterwards at Bardsey


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      These Lives are archived at:
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