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27 March

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    Celtic and Old English Saints 27 March =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= * St. Alkeld * St. Suairlech of Fore
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      Celtic and Old English Saints 27 March

      * St. Alkeld
      * St. Suairlech of Fore

      St. Alkeld (Athilda), Virgin
      Died c. 800 (?). Two churches--at Middleham, Yorkshire, and
      Giggleswick, West Riding--are dedicated to Saint Alkeld. Local
      tradition claims that she was a Saxon princess (and probably a nun).
      Apparently she was strangled by Danish pirates (or their women), because
      that is how she is depicted in an ancient painting.

      She was buried in a church at Middleham. Edward IV's patent survives
      that enabled his brother Richard (later Richard III) to
      establish the college of Middleham in honour of Christ, His Mother, and
      Saint Alkeld (Benedictines, Farmer).

      St. Suairlech of Fore, Bishop
      Died c. 750. First bishop of Fore, Westmeath, Ireland, from c. 735
      until his death (Benedictines).

      Suppliers of Icons of Celtic Saints for the church
      or the prayer corner at home.

      Lives kindly supplied by:
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      A Beginner's Guide to Irish Gaelic pronunciation

      These Lives are archived at:
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