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13 March

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    Celtic and Old English Saints 13 March =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= * St. Gerald of Mayo * St. Kevoca * St. Mochoemoc of
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      Celtic and Old English Saints 13 March

      * St. Gerald of Mayo
      * St. Kevoca
      * St. Mochoemoc of Leamokevoge

      St. Gerald of Mayo, Abbot
      Born in Northumbria, England; died in Galway, Ireland, 732. Saint
      Gerald became a monk at Lindisfarne and probably followed Saint Colman
      to Innisbofin Island, Galway, Ireland, when the Celtic liturgical
      practices were displaced in Northumbria.

      He became a monk, then abbot, of the abbey known as Mayo of the Saxons,
      which Colman founded for the English following a quarrel between the
      English and Irish monks. The abbey flourished and was so well known for
      the erudition of its monks that Blessed Alcuin (f.d. May 19)
      corresponded with its abbot and monks. He lived to a great age and may
      have witnessed the introduction of Roman observances into his abbey.
      Gerald is sometimes said to have been consecrated bishop, but this is

      He is believed to have founded the abbeys of Elytheria, or Tempul-Gerald
      in Connaught, as well as Teaghna-Saxon, and a convent that he put under
      the care of his sister Segretia. He was buried at Mayo, where a church
      dedicated to God under his patronage remains to this day (Attwater,
      Benedictines, Delaney, Encyclopedia, Farmer, Husenbeth).

      St. Kevoca (Kennotha, Quivoca)
      7th century. Hermitess and virgin. Saint Kevoca is the titular patron
      of a church at Kyle, Scotland (Benedictines).

      St. Mochoemoc of Leamokevoge, Abbot
      (Kennoch, Mo-Chaomhog, Mochaemhog,
      Pulcherius, Vulcanius)
      Born in Munster, Ireland; died c. 656. Mochoemoc was raised by his
      aunt, Saint Ita (f.d. January 15), and educated by Saint Comgall (f.d.
      May 11) in the Bangor Abbey, County Down, where he also entered
      religious life. Comgall sent him to establish a house at Arderin.
      Later Mochoemoc founded and became abbot of the great monastery of
      Liath-Mochoemoc (Liath-mor, now Leamokevoge), in County Tipperary,
      around which a large town was raised, which still bears that name
      (Benedictines, Farmer, Husenbeth).


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