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52334 February

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  • ambrois@xtra.co.nz
    Feb 6, 2014
      Celtic and Old English Saints 4 February

      * St. Modan of Melrose
      * St. Aldate of Gloucester
      * St. Liephard

      St. Modan, Abbot of Stirling, Falkirk, and Maelros (Melrose), Scotland

      6th century. About 522, Modan, son of an Irish chieftain, professed
      himself at Dryburgh Abbey near Mailros, Scotland. Being persuaded that a
      Christian grows in holiness only by spending time with God, he gave six
      or seven hours daily to prayer and seasoned all his other activities
      with more prayer. A spirit of prayer is founded in the purity of the
      affections, the fruit of self-denial, humility, and obedience.
      Therefore, Modan practised austerity to crucify his flesh and senses. He
      practised humility by subjecting his will so swiftly and cheerfully to
      that of his superiors that they unanimously declared they never saw any
      one so perfectly divested of all self-will as was Modan.

      He became abbot of Dryburgh and proved the maxim that no man can govern
      others well unless his masters the art of obedience himself. He was
      inflexible in maintaining discipline, but did so with winning sweetness
      and charity. His prudence in providing instruction or reproof gave
      pleasure, gained hearts, inspired love, and communicated the spirit of
      every duty.

      He also preached the faith at Stirling and other places near Forth,
      especially, Falkirk, but frequently interrupted his apostolic
      employments to retire among the craggy mountains of Dumbarton, where he
      usually spent 30-40 days at once in prayer. He died at Alcluid (later
      called Dunbritton, now Dumbarton) where he is venerated (Benedictines,

      St. Aldate (Eldate) of Gloucester, England
      5th century. Saint Aldate was a Briton who lived in western England and
      became celebrated for his patriotism. He roused his countrymen to resist
      the heathen invaders. He was bishop of Gloucester. Many churches have
      his patronage (Benedictines).

      Troparion of St Aldate tone 1
      Through thy pious upbringing thou didst become a shining beacon of/ the
      Orthodox Faith,/ O Hierarch Aldate./ Wherefore, O Saint, intercede for
      us that not straying from the true Faith,/ we may attain eternal

      Kontakion of St Aldate tone 2
      As a torch of truth, a tower of strength, a bastion of Faith, O Martyr
      Hierarch Aldate,/ thou art the adornment of Gloucester, the joy of all
      our nation and most worthy of all praise.

      St. Liephard, Bishop and Martyr
      Died 649. An Englishman by birth, Saint Liephard may have been a bishop.
      He accompanied King Cadwalla on a pilgrimage to Rome. Liephard was
      killed near Cambrai on his return to England (Benedictines).


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