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51975 January

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  • ambrois@xtra.co.nz
    Jan 5, 2014
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      Celtic and Old English Saints 5 January

      * St. Cera of Kilkeary
      * St. Convoyon of Redon
      * St. Rumon of Tavistock

      St. Cera of Kilkeary, Virgin
      (also known as Ciar, Cyra, Cior, Ceara)
      7th century. This Tipperary native governed as abbess two Irish
      convents: one at Kilkeary and the other at Tech Telle (now Tehelly)

      St. Convoyon (Conwoion) of Redon, Abbot
      Died 868. A Breton by birth, Convoyon became successively deacon of
      Vannes, recluse, monk at Glanfeuil, and finally, in 831, abbot-founder
      of the great abbey of Saint Saviour near Redon, Brittany. He was driven
      from his abbey by the Norsemen and died in exile (Benedictines).

      St. Rumon of Tavistock
      Feast of the Translation of his holy relics.
      See his life in yesterday's Lives

      Troparion of St Ruman Tone 5
      Thou didst dazzle us with a jewel, a treasure,/ a pearl of great price,
      O righteous Father Ruman,/ in the God-pleasing life and asceticism of
      the desert./ Thy selfless devotion, love of animals/ and patience in the
      face of calumny are our guiding lights./ Wherefore, O Saint, pray that
      the unprofitable servants who hymn thee/ be granted great mercy.

      Kontakion of St Ruman Tone 5
      Today we keep festival in thy honour, holy Ruman,/ for caring nothing
      for thyself/ thou didst face danger, false accusation and misdirected
      piety/ for the love of Him Who is the Creator of all things.

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      or the prayer corner at home.

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