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51942 January

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  • ambrois@xtra.co.nz
    Jan 2, 2014
      Celtic and Old English Saints 2 January

      * St. Munchin of Limerick
      * St. Seiriol
      * Lichfield Martyrs

      St. Munchin of Limerick, Bishop
      (also known as Maincin, Manchen, Luimnich)

      7th century (or earlier). Munchin is venerated as the patron of
      Limerick, Ireland, because it grew up around his foundation at Innis
      Ibhton on the Shannon, and derived its name Luimnich from him. In three
      early martyrologies, he is called "the Wise" and "Maincin" (Little
      Monk). While little is certain about his life, he is believed to have
      belonged to the clan of the Dal Cais, who lived near the west coast of
      County Clare (Ennistimon area). A ruling prince gave him the island of
      Limerick, possibly in exchange for his claim to supremacy of his own
      people. He is believed to have established the school at Mungret.
      Tradition also has him the first bishop of Limerick, though scholars
      doubt whether he was a bishop (Benedictines, Delaney, Farmer, Montague).

      St. Seiriol
      6th century. A Welsh saint whose memory is perpetuated by the name of
      the island of Ynys-Seiriol (Benedictines).

      Troparion of St Seiriol tone 4
      We hymn thee, O Father Seiriol,/ for thou didst turn the Welsh
      wilderness into a fertile vineyard for the Lord./ By this our
      intercession, O Saint,/ we implore thee to pray to Christ our God/ that
      our labours may be blessed and our souls may be saved.

      Lichfield Martyrs
      Died 304. Many Christians (possibly about 1000) suffered at Lichfield
      (Lyke-field, the field of dead bodies) in England during the persecution
      of Diocletian (Gill).


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      These Lives are archived at:
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