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518420 December

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  • ambrois@xtra.co.nz
    Dec 20, 2013
      Celtic and Old English Saints 20 December

      * St. Ursician of St-Ursanne

      St. Ursician (Ursicinus) of St-Ursanne, Abbot
      Died c. 625. Friend of Saint Columban, the Irish Ursicinus followed the
      footsteps of his friend and entered the missionary fields of
      Switzerland. Ursicinus planted his staff at St. Ursanne in the Swiss
      Juras, where he built his monastery. He could not bear wine nor those
      who gave it to him to drink (Benedictines, Encyclopaedia).

      St. Ursicinus is rendered in art as an abbot with three lilies in his
      hand or holding a book and fleur-de-lys, surrounded by fleur- de-lys.
      Venerated at Basal, Besancon, and Mainz. Invoked against stiff neck

      Troparion of St Ursician tone 8
      Thy life is a hymn of triumph, O blessed one,/ who together with the
      great Columban didst travel throughout Europe preaching repentance,
      humility and our saving Faith in Christ./ Wherefore, most righteous
      Ursician, intercede for us that we may show forth in our lives the truth
      of our faith, that many souls may be saved.

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