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517815 December

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  • ambrois@xtra.co.nz
    Dec 14, 2013
      Celtic and Old English Saints 15 December

      * St. Flann of Bangor
      * St. Offa of Essex
      * St. Nothelm of Canterbury

      St. Florentius (Flann) of Bangor, Abbot
      7th century. Abbot Saint Florentius governed Bangor Monastery in Ireland

      St. Offa of Essex, King
      Died c. 709. Saint Bede (f.d. May 25) recalls that Saint Offa, the son
      of King Sighere of the East Saxons and Saint Osyth (f.d. October 7)
      (which is interesting because she is recorded as a virgin), was a
      loveable, handsome, and popular prince. He ascended to the throne about
      707 and two years later left his wife and homeland to be tonsured at
      Rome. He died as a monk very shortly thereafter. Although several
      sources attest to his betrothal to Cyneswith, daughter of King Penda of
      Mercia, it is chronologically impossible. It may also be the case that
      he was forced to abdicate due to a palace revolt as often happened in
      Britain and Gaul during this period (Farmer).

      St. Nothelm, Archbishop of Canterbury, England,
      Friend of Saint Bede

      Suppliers of Icons of Celtic Saints for the church
      or the prayer corner at home.

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