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Hey what is all of these spy agencies in story? There are custodians, guards of the King, and spy ring tasked to protect, and clandestine deeper than that who
makan abazari
Jul 13


All of these emails that I dont know who is behind them,anyway Makan Abazari can see the codes all around and is master of all of that, and has thougth
makan abazari
Jul 13


I never learned it from this website, president Trump investigate team clarifies for Makan Abazari. It was a code that this kid will deliver the knowledge of
makan abazari
Jul 13


Makan Abazari 09/21/1985 is Ryal 1569 and GG GC those were other names for him. there is not 2 of Makan Abazari. thus only one Makan Abazari. Sent from Yahoo
makan abazari
Jul 13


I did the algae to Fuel for Joul Inistitue Exxon Mobile, it is said GG gabriel gifford, George Church, individual who is also Makan Abazari kimgdom court.
makan abazari
Jul 13

I think mitochondria
Jun 12

(no subject)

Which of the following releases energy? A) mitochondria B) chloroplast C) Golgibodies D) all
Rizwan Ahmed
Jun 11

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Oct 29, 2016
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