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Re: I just bought canoe plans( prospector)

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  • john
    Message 1 of 12 , Apr 18, 2009
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      my seven yr old son has been canoeing with me a fair bit my daughter now 5 has recently started to also. the lazy rivers I typically travel are great for forced dumps which i have done a couple times with son so he knows what to do if it was to happen as for PFd's if i so much as hinted they not needed wife would slit my throat LOL. --- In cedarstripcanoes@yahoogroups.com, charles.k.scott@... wrote:
      > --- You wrote:
      > well many thanks nick and charles. I was figureing 1/4 inch be fine. but the wife has the issues. seeing how i will be takeing my young children along with me on it. had her read your responces and she seems to be softening on her stance.
      > --- end of quote ---
      > No one will fault your wife for being concerned about the kids. They should all be wearing PFD's and also understand about not moving around too much, and also what to do should the canoe capsize.
      > This is best done by practicing in shallow water, without a lot of current.
      > The cedar strip canoes are just canoes. Canoes can be really stable, or pretty radical depending on what design you make.
      > Corky Scott
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