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Re: [Cedar Strip Canoes] pre finishing/ post stapling?

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  • jr_sloan@msn.com
    Here s a suggestion, and why: Since you re preparing to put a layer of epoxy and fiberglass anyway, make it a four-step process: (1) sand everything smooth to
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2003
      Here's a suggestion, and why:
      Since you're preparing to put a layer of epoxy and fiberglass anyway, make it a four-step process: (1) sand everything smooth to about 100 grit and vacuum clean (2) For those "gnarly" areas, CAREFULLY smooth their contours with super-sharp chisel and/or sandpaper (3) fill these areas with a paste of wood flour (finest sawdust, vacuumed off the hull after step one) and epoxy mix, smoothing off with auto body filler squeegee, and (4) when these places are firm enough to indent with a fingernail, apply your sealer coat of epoxy over the whole hull. When these steps are complete and the epoxy has cured enough to do so, you'll be ready to wet in the first layer of glass and epoxy.

      Why: (step 1) no need to fuss with the areas you can get smooth with sandpaper, and 100 grit is fine enough, prior to the seal coat (step 2) idea here is to get rid of, or control over, any slivers or squirrelly grain that could make for bumps or troughs in your glass layer to come (step 3) using sawdust and epoxy mix about as thick as peanut butter makes an easy filler, and will roughly match the color of the wood you are using; it will cling like crazy, and if you leave it be once applied, it will give you a smooth surface for the next step (step 4) following the filler with a seal coat gets the next layer of epoxy on while the first filler mix is still liable to chemical bonding, so the filler and the sealer coat are effectively the same piece of plastic, and both have soaked into the grain of the wood strips.

      There may be some debate among my fellow enthusiasts about this, but it worked for me.

      JR Sloan
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      Subject: [Cedar Strip Canoes] pre finishing/ post stapling?

      I am in the process of removing the staples from the Merlin I am
      building. there is a lot of gnarly snotty areas that will need work.
      Should I use wood filler then sand : or sand, fill, sand again?
      Also I read some where that I should use sanding sealer? Any
      thoughts on these issues?

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