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5261CNC technical question

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  • vin0bim
    Apr 2, 2014
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      Almost finished building a largish cnc machine. It is big enough to almost do the center forms on a canoe or kayak in one piece. I am still tuning and setting up, but looking forward to new projects. Does anyone have a nice/ simple way to tranfer offsets into useful curves for creating forms?
      Only way I can think of is to use excel to generate a graph/ chart. Import that into coreldraw/ photoshop, convert to splines, clean up, check physical size and save as *.eps or something useful for the CAD program.
      I will be using Vetric aspire (CAD) to complete the design and generate gcode. Aspire will open many file types but not it appears, spreadsheets from excel.
      My woodwork skills are very good, but I really do not want to draw and cut out the forms by hand- I want to use my new toy...
      Any suggestions?
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