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5258RE: [Cedar Strip Canoes] Make Your Own Paddle!

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  • Jim Marco
    Mar 2, 2014
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                      That was some really impressive work!  Both the paddles and the write-ups/instructions. Thanks!

                      I just have to talk you into one of those double paddle thingies.  I have broken the blades off of two so far. I was using filler and epoxy as the glue for the shafts. A couple layers of 3oz glass around the paddle shaft worked real well.  Yours are a lot simpler, though.

                      My thoughts only . . .



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      Greetings, all!


      Pretty quiet around here lately, so I thought I'd help Jim out and post a link to one of my web pages that seems to generate more email than any other: the bird's mouth hollow shaft paddle making page. I recently updated it with some seriously neato reader feedback plus a couple of very interesting paddle reports from rivers in Croatia! See link at bottom of article:




      Kurt Maurer

      League City, Texas

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