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  • Charles Scott
    Nov 4, 2013
      Hi Blair, not sure I'm understanding you.  You will ALWAYS see the weave after the first coat, that's why you apply more coats after the first one; to fill the weave!

      There are several ways to do this, one involves letting the first coat semi cure, then applying another coat.  Because the first coat has not cully cured, the second coat forms a chemical bond to it, which negates the need for sanding to give the first coat "tooth", which allows the second coat to bond to the first.  Sanding is necessary if the first coat, or any coat over which you want to apply another, has cured.

      Eventually you will have enough resin on the hull that the weave is almost imperceptible.  Now it's time to let the resin fully cure so that you can carefully sand the hull to eliminate the weave.  If you cut through to the fiberglass, stop sanding and apply more resin there.

      When all is as good as you want it, time for varnish, or paint.

      Corky Scott

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      On Nov 4, 2013, at 7:44 PM, "digger2601@..." <digger2601@...> wrote:


      I was just wondering if we had any members in the SF bay area. I live in the East Bay and am Just starting my second build. This one is the Resolute Kayak. My first build was the Prospector Ranger. I'm very happy with the results. the only thing I could have done better was the first coat of epoxy over the fiberglass. I can see the weave which means I wiped off too much epoxy during the wipe-down phase.


      I would really like an experienced builder to help me the next time around so I can do a better job. Please let me know if there are any local members.




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