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5238RE: [Cedar Strip Canoes] setting up shop how much would you spend

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  • Jim Marco
    Oct 26, 2013

      Well, according to square footage, my 16’x16’(256sqft) + loft at 16’x12’(192sqft) barn cost about 3 grand to put up, not counting tools, insulation, doors, windows, or sheetrock.   This works out to 6.70 per square foot. So, your building (640sqft including the shed) will cost about  4288 for the shell. Doors, (assuming one entrance door and one garage door) will cost about $550. A heating system will cost about $500. Assuming you need electrical, and water, these could run as little as 500 each or a lot more if you have the work done. Personally, I would buy a box and mount it, then have it hooked with one outlet for now. Lights, outlets, etc will come next, of course. You will also need to figure insulation under the floor, if it is not already there...hard to get under once the floor is in.  6000 would be a minimally functional shell, as you say.  Probably a pretty good number.

                      My thoughts only . . .



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      With the recent topic of setting up a shop for building canoes and my own plans to build a work shop next spring I was wondering just how much its worth and how to justify the expense.

      I've gone through several building designs and decided on a 24'x24' footprint with an 8'x8 extension on one side. This gives me a 32' wall for ripping and milling and room to setup 2 strong backs.

      My costs estimates are about $5K to $6K (I already have a 12'x24' deck built). This is assuming I do all the work but digging the holes for concrete posts.

      Not included in the estimate is money for some dust collection, insulation and cabinets/benches. These will be added from selling some of the canoes I've already built.

      My justification for building a shop is to allow year round work, being able to work on multiple canoes and of course generate some cash to supplement my retirement.

      I figure I can build and sell 3 canoes ! a year which would give me a 3 year payback period.

      My thoughts and I like to hear what you think

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