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  • roodriver35
    Oct 3, 2013
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       Chop saw against the wall with plenty of table on each side. Table saw and planer on broad base heavy movable stands with lockable wheels. Plenty of sawhorses which are easily stacked. Dust collection and exhaust fans a must. Good storage cabinets with doors and really think about the location. Separate  drawers for planes, chisels and draw knives. The biggy is a good sharpening station. Oops almost forgot, build a dust free coffee pot station.

      Have fun with it!


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      I had to use the window in my shop for the same reason.
      Arkansas Tony

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      A couple of things that helped me in my shop was a well positioned window that would allow the wood stock to go outside nearly doubling my workin g s pace.
      The other item was a very small (1/16’ kerf) saw blade.  With that thickness and using a 7 ½’ diameter blade my saw power and thus blade speed also were significantly better.
      And the sawdust pile went down.
      Good luck
      GerryB .
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      Subject: [Cedar Strip Canoes] Re: Shop Setup
      Well.. when you are sawing boards into strips, you'll need a bigger room.

      Place the saw in the center of the room. That's 34 divided by two is 16 foot boards max. When you're working alone you have an infeed and outfeet rollers. You need 16 feet on each side of the table.

      You may come across 20 foot boards and want to buy them, so if you put your saw somewhere, make sure you can move it. You will have alot of dust from sawing.. BAGS FULL of it.

      A portable saw will tip over and you really secure it to the floor. Just a couple of screws and washers will work. It doesn't take much. Two or three sand bags or cinder blocks work too.

      Fourteen wide is good. Find a chair or two and an old table. A bar stool is helpful. If you're making tool benches 30 by 120 is good, and higher than a normal counter. That few extra inches wide and long is fine, with a lower shelf.

      Anywho, some professional guys have real tool storage are organized, which is crazy.. Just lay it down and you'll find it later.

      Best of Luck.

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