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  • cedarstripcanoes@yahoogroups.com
    Jul 1, 2013
      Hello everyone!

      Over the past few weeks we have had many
      new members join our group. On behalf of
      the owners/moderators, I want to take a
      this time and welcome all of you to the
      cedarstripcanoes group.

      This is a great group for exchanging ideas
      and info on the construction of strip built
      canoes, kayaks and other strip built craft.
      Please feel free to look around, check out
      the photo albums and files.

      If and when you feel the time is right,
      introduce yourselves and let us know a bit
      about you, where you are located, what you
      are building, have built, or would like to
      build, etc.

      At any rate, welcome to our little piece of
      the internet. Enjoy your stay with us,

      Owners/moderators cedarstripcanoes
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