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4638A little progress

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  • Charles & Dana Scott
    Sep 9 7:17 AM
      Not a whole bunch to report. I’ve been busy with outdoor garden work that
      my wife would like to get done before winter and that means bringing back
      loads of mulch in the pickup.

      But I have managed to get several coats of varnish on the seat frames and
      also epoxied the two decks and the gunwales. They both need careful sanding
      and several coats of varnish.

      I also shaped the thwart. I thought I’d do the standard type thwart, but
      then thought about how I’d be doing a lot of solo canoeing so I decided to
      fabricate a thwart shaped to nestle on my shoulders. I could never find any
      exact measurements for this type of thwart but made it to fit my shoulders
      and left it at that. I planed the ash to ¾” after cutting it to shape on
      the band saw, then rounded the edges on the router table using a 3/8” round
      over bit. A little time with the orbital sander and it was ready for an
      epoxy coat.

      Now that too needs several coats of varnish.

      The canoe sprang out a bit when removed from the frames and does not have
      much tumblehome in the middle at the moment. I may just leave it like that
      and put the thwart in as is, rather than pull it in to the called for beam
      width in order to gain a bit of stability. Like I’ve said, having a stable
      canoe is all my wife wants. She couldn’t care less about maximizing drag
      and glide. I need to flip the canoe upside down to see if the slightly
      wider beam has affected the rocker. If it has not, I’ll go ahead and fit
      the thwart to the hull. If the rocker had diminished to the point of going
      negative, I’ll pull the hull in to the proper beam and fit the thwart to
      hold it there.

      Corky Scott

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