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2152Re: [Cedar Strip Canoes] Non-corrosive screws for the gunwales

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  • charles.k.scott@dartmouth.edu
    Mar 7, 2006
      --- You wrote:
      Quick question. Where can I find/purchase non-corrosive flathead
      screws for the gunwales? I also need 3/8" stem banding too.


      --- end of quote ---

      Are you going to have the screws exposed Bill? Lots of people counter sink them, then glue in wooden plugs on top of them. Also, many epoxy the gunwales in addition to screws, so whatever you use to attach them doesn't need to be something like an AN aircraft quality bolt.

      If it's going to be covered over anyway and sealed then there's no real need to use stainless steel or brass. Of course if you plan to remove the gunwales at some point, and will be leaving them exposed to the elements then that's a different story.

      Several of the prolific builders wrote about attaching the gunwales such that they could later be removed, but then found that they never had an occasion to remove them, so they permanently bonded them to the hull from then on.

      Corky Scott
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