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90Re: WVA Retreat

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  • Mary Graves
    Jan 12, 2014
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      Hi Everyone, I haven't been on my computer much lately.  I used to get a card this time of year from a friend and it would always say the same thing, "this is the most depressing time of the year".   I now understand.  I am trying to recover from last year.  ha....ha...

      I really am counting my blessing every day and looking forward to the next Cedar Lakes party.  On December 10th i made the mistake of taking in a cat that was very pregnant and she presented me with SEVEN babies on December 20th.  I do not have pets and she had been around my farm for the past year.  Actually had another set of kittens this past summer, just not in my closet.  We are having Cat Wars.  I don't understand meow language and she could care less what i say.  She is a beautiful calico and a very good Mom.  Thank God.  My grandkids are loving the babies.  My great niece does animal rescue and will help me once they are weaned.  When is that?   
      I have been cleaning and organizing my house ( a never ending process) I made the mistake of leaving my furnace room door open and Momma moved her babies into my furnace room.  Of course i couldn't find them and i was so mad.  She didn't care.  So, my grandson found them in the smallest box and i brought them back upstairs into one of my extra bedrooms.  I have them in a huge box in the closet which seems to be her preference.  I need a class in "CAT".

      So, not much sewing.  I am trying to decide if i just like to look at fabric or what?  I did make a quick quilt for my son for Christmas and have at least ten started.  I will get back with it.  Really, just need a little push in the right direction.  

      I don't have my Jerry's quilt done yet.  It is hanging on the wall looking at me.  Soon.  I can't wait to see everyone.  M
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