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78RE: Hi From Michigan

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  • vegeterry
    Sep 7, 2013

      Mary, so sorry you've had such a tough summer. 

      Take care.  

      --- In cedarlakesquilting@yahoogroups.com, <cedarlakesquilting@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      I lost my summer. On May 23, my daughter had emergency surgery and was in ICU for 11 days. She lives in Indiana, 200 miles from my house. I slelpt in the waiting room of ICU while she was on the ventilator. Then i brought her home for recuperation. She went back home three weeks later and my dearest friend in the whole world started the end of her life with Hospice. Two weeks ago my 95 year old Mother's house cat jumped on her and clawed her hand. She ended up in the hospital for a week and now has been at my house for a week. The claws shredded her tendons and she had surgery on her hand. I have had to administer the IV antibiotics every eight hours. Today is the last one. Thank you God. I also had to change her dressings every day. I am not a nurse.

      During the first weeks of Mom's hospital stay my friend died. I will miss her but she fought cancer for 12 years an I don't wish her any more pain. Tomorrow my Mom gets the Pic line out, I hope. Now i need a class with Mary Lou. Can't wait. I am fine, just little stressed.

      I don't want to know what is next. By the way, my Mom no longer has the house cat. Mary
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