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73greetings from Virginia!

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  • Kim
    Aug 24 6:15 AM
      Hellooooo everyone! I hope you all have had a very nice summer. My daughter started back to school this past Tuesday. That means that my summer is pretty much done! But, I'm not ready for it to end! I have had a wonderful couple of months.

      Anyway, I sent my block to Mary Lou and totally spaced on taking a photo. Oh well, it was a red truck with a bright yellow back and purple wheels on the most beautiful blue background. Mary Lou had written that she needed something other than the red and blue, so she got it! She may think it is too out there, who knows!

      June, I haven't forgotten the beading thread. I have a email in to my friend who says that her sister in Holland gave her the thread. This may take a while to get solved, but I feel certain I WILL get an answer!

      For those of you who don't read Mary Lou's blog (Mary Lou and Whimsy too), you need to go on it and see the latest quilt that she designed for workshops. It is a whimsical Christmas tree- but Mary Lou style. I love it and think it would be great to do at Cedar Lakes in '14. What do you all think???