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64Hi Darling Friends....

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    Aug 19, 2013
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      I was going to post the dates for next year but Terry beat me to it.
      I got a really nice letter from Gloria and it made me feel great.
      YOU girls have been so good to me and I have gotten your post cards (FUN) and your cars and June sent me beads...I am hooked on those bracelets and my Grandkids have made lots of them and my cupcake girlfriends all made them and now my neighbor wants to know how. June you got me hooked!
      I have a nice pile of sky blue and red cars and Kim said she has sent one with additional colors.
      I think I am going to make a strata and Connie and I are going to put it around each block and put the quilt together. Fun!
      Connie is my neighbor and helps me out when I am swamped.
      I only have four jobs for next year and for the first time I am going to write to a few guilds and shops. I have to make some money next year to pay for a new hotwater heater and a furnace.
      You know, those things that are a pain to pay for.
      Mark will have his last two treatments this week. He has a moon face from the steroids and he has lost alot of muscle and cannot do what he used to around here. He is exhausted from daily radiation and chemo but he has a good attitude and we are going to Hawaii the end of the month thanks to a friend who owns a condo and another friend who paid for our airline.
      Our 44th anniversary is this week. I was out of town and Mark forgot, haha. We are going to make up for it on our trip and it will be a lovely place for Mark to heal. We like to sit and enjoy the shady spots and I sew and he swims and just relaxes. We do do some tourist things and go and see some of the spots but honestly we mostly eat in our condo and enjoy it. We eat a few meals out but just cooking with fresh things and enjoying the pineapple and fruits there and rice and a little meat is great....I am HOOKED on the Hawaiian ice cream! It is so delicious....banana macadamia is my favorite.
      I did a background and I am putting Mark and I on a surfboard...on the shore will be things Hawaiian like a crab, a pineapple, a pig and things I am inspired by when I get there...like shells maybe. I am putting myself in a MuuMuu. Should be fun and I know he will like it too.
      The cows are as popular as ever and it is fun to hear new ideas...like Moo York Moo York....or Africow...lot of ideas but not all of them get done, like those two.
      Thank you all a thousand times over for being so thoughtful and kind....we read the things you wrote over and over and I am taking a photo of the cards together and also the blocks...stay tuned!
      Love Each of You and Hope for a GOOD Fall for You,
      Mary Lou
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