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57Mary Lou's car block patterns

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  • vegeterry
    Jul 16, 2013
      Hey everybody! I just added Mary Lou's car block ideas to our group site. Go to the FILES link on the left side of the page, and look for the Mary Lou car folder. They are WORD documents. Let me know if you have any trouble with them.

      We have decided on an August 15th deadline for sending her car blocks. I think any kind of red car would be great. She really hopes to put together a car quilt before winter.

      Here's her note again about what she'd like:

      >>> Hey I would love people to make up their own car...as long as it is red and how about a clear blue nackground like the sky Not dark or with print but like TONE ON TONE LIGHT BLUE)...does that sound good? That could be so much fun! Address is 1521 N.Argonne #276, Spokane Valley WA 99212. I can post another note all by itself so people see it...it sounds like to much fun! I do have one funny car designed that I could send if someone doesn't know what to do.....thank you friends! How about 6" up to 8 or 9"....really all sized could work together as in LONG car or tall short car...creative and fun! I will piece his name for the middle ...thank you girlfriends....so wonderful of you!

      >>> I was thinking all kinds of cars because as we drive by the lots, he says "look at that mustang"," look at that volvo"," look at that old car", "look at that Lincoln"....I think the car thing helps him focus on something other than himself...I am going to do a whimsical pieced car...if everyone did their own red car and we used tone on tone light blue fabric it would all pull together and would be fun....He could use it when the weather gets cold if we get enough to get a whole quilt and if not, I can put many borders on it....it would bring joy to everyone...

      Thanks everybody. Take care. Terry :o)
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