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100Change your yahoo password please

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  • marylouweidman
    Jan 31, 2014
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      Hi My Buddies, thinking of each of you and so happy that we get to be together again. I heard from Betty Chan and she will be on vacation with her husband so won't be coming. I am not sure about the rest of her group.

      Would be nice to have new people. I am wondering if I made some kind of poster and sent it if they could post it at the quilt shop or something. not sure.
           Anyway, I heard from several people who saw on the news that Yahoo has been breached and all passwords are NO longer safe.
      Great. A pox on the losers that waste time doing something distructive...they need to take up quilting!
          Kim, thank you for your kind comments. We will have fun for sure. I wonder what it would be like to make a Christmas Rooster...that may sound dumb but it pooped into my head...maybe a rooster in a Nativity. Just thinking (out of the box).
      Debby and Terry love hearing from you girls. Miss everyone.
                                        Love You girls
                                                    Mary Lou
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