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12170Re: Philippine Nash Hash here in Cebu (mismanaged)

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  • Hash Flash
    May 17, 2017
      We will miss you on the Friday runs, boozey pre-lubes and pub crawl.
      BUT we will do our best for you Saturday and Sunday.
      Be at SandTrap before 2pm both days.

      sent. from my Samsung phone

      On May 17, 2017 9:27 PM, "Bootlegger" <bootleggerch3@...> wrote:
      Ok guys.  I signed up the 1 definite, and the others are all worried about showing up late and missing a t-shirt.  So F’m.  The guy I just signed up (and paid for) is Jim “Ooh La La” Botzet.  He will be arriving Saturday morning with me, so sorry we are missing the pub crawl.  We all head back to Manila Monday, so we will be around until the festivities end late Sunday.

      See you then and good luck for a great event!

      Will “Bootlegger” Martin

      “Hashing is not a past-time. It is a lifestyle!"

      On May 16, 2017, at 10:47 PM, Hash Flash <cebuhash@...> wrote:

      MAX 6 confirmed by mid-afternoon tomorrow (Wednesday) - the details plus PayPal / credit card pages are still open on line - would be sort of manageable. 
      I will do what I can to protect their packages.

      sent. from my Samsung phone

      On May 16, 2017 10:32 PM, "Bootlegger" <bootleggerch3@...> wrote:
      At this point, I have 1 definite and 5 maybe’s.  If you are closing registrations tomorrow, I will tell them to put up or shut up.  Believe me when I say I understand how complicating a bunch of last minute registrations can be, so we will accept our fate if you tell us to bugger off.  Serves us right for procrastinating!

      Either way, ADAN and I will be there to represent.  You may punish her on behalf of the group!

      On On.

      Will “Bootlegger” Martin

      “Hashing is not a past-time. It is a lifestyle!"

      On May 16, 2017, at 9:09 PM, Malcolm Lawrie <sirclugs@...> wrote:

      Hey Bootlegger,

      Get your collective asses in gear a bit sooner!  How big is your bunch, if its not a rude question? It would be great to see you all, you're really a luvly bunch (well most of you except FF).  I Hope you can be squeezed in but its nothing to do with me.

      Tell that shithead govt of yours to stop spreading alarming travel advisories, no feckin terrorist would take on the Hash.  As for the "full package", keep that in your shorts.

      On On

      Sir Clugs

      J. Malcolm Lawrie MBE
      UK Mobile  +44 7540825640
      NEW Philippines mobile  +63 9771049264
      On 16/05/2017 20:52, Disco Dick wrote:
      We don't want to turn anyone away (we accepted yours yesterday).
      T shirts, etc
      Have all been booked and paid for based on expected numbers from about a week ago.
      It might not be possible to increase quantities.

      For the 2 Friday trails, adding in extra hashers now might cause severe overcrowding.

      However, Saturday and Sunday trails are in more open countryside where there will always be room for some more on the hill.

      The Friday Meet and Greet could take more but I am worried about the food and drink supply for the Saturday and Sunday Bashes.
      It's basically too late to increase the catering order.

      Realistically, I need a firm number sometime during tomorrow.
      All should bear in mind that they might not get the "full package".


      PS to Cebu Hashers
      As of a short while ago, there were seats on all transports to all runs and no need to use your own vehicles (unless you wanted to).
      If Bootlegger arrives mob handed, we are going to have transport issues - how many would be prepared to car-pool in their own vehicles?

      On 16-May-17 19:55, Bootlegger wrote:

      Full disclosure.  The Manila Hash is horrible!  Anyway, a bunch of us are FINALLY talking about joining the Nash Hash.  Some of us had a good excuse in that the US Embassy only just canceled their travel warning.

      Anyway, please verify when is the last day for regos.  I might have a few more coming down.

      Will “Bootlegger” Martin

      “Hashing is not a past-time. It is a lifestyle!"

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