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Re: Digest Number 10737

I don't use Skype so no I do not get messages from Cebu women. Facebook is a different matter. ;) Steve Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Tab®4 ... From:
Nov 23, 2016

Re: Contacted by women

I do not receive any contact requests RALPH I do not receive any contact requests RALPH
Ralph Donaldson
Nov 23, 2016

Re: Contacted by women

Hi Ernie, Yes, I get them but get them from Africa too. I ignore and delete most but once in awhile will just send one sentence. "Do I know You?" If I get no
Nov 23, 2016

Re: Contacted by women

Haven't had that experience so far so I suppose I'm hard to contact or discover. Curious to know what they hope to achieve. Such is life! On Tuesday, November
Jon Savery
Nov 23, 2016

Contacted by women

Hi all, Does anyone else receive contact requests in Skype from unknown Philippine women? I receive them regularly, mostly from the Philippines and most of
Nov 21, 2016

Political Direction

What's the skinny on the news about Russian influence and the president cozying up to Russia. Makes me a bit nervous to move and live there with my wife in
Oct 11, 2016

Re: Waterfront living

24,000 pesos per month maximum.
Sep 17, 2016
Sep 17, 2016

Re: Waterfront living

We live in Calatrava about 15 min from San Carlos in Ralph's bay Townhouse and resort.San Carlos is growing with a new City Mall and low in crime I happen to
eric phallen
Sep 17, 2016

Re: Waterfront living

I am familiar with Cebu. What do you consider a "reasonable price"?Thom From: "rick.dennis@... [cebucitytoday]" To:
Thomas Kirkpatrick
Sep 3, 2016

Re: Should I buy a house in Cebu City or Lapu Lapu

Can anyone tell me approximately how much a tooth implant would cost in the Philippines Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android On Fri, Aug 19, 2016 at 11:48 AM,
Brad Wall
Sep 3, 2016

Re: Should I buy a house in Cebu City or Lapu Lapu

I guess I'm missing something here. I've lived here in Lapu Lapu almost a year and don't mind it at all. I will say that I rent in a gated subdivision and am
Sep 3, 2016

Re: Should I buy a house in Cebu City or Lapu Lapu

Yep... you don't want to live in Lapu-lapu.... very bad scene
Aug 19, 2016

Waterfront living

I am retiring in the next few month to the Philippines. I have traveled all up and down Cebu island. Does anyone know of a place right on the water for rent
Aug 19, 2016

Return Visit after marraige

Any tips by experienced return couples. My wife is wanting a 2018 return visit to the Surigao City Area. I understand being married to a Philippine citizen
Jun 27, 2016
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