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URGENT - Call for applications / ICT Entrepreneurs4D Fund for ICT4D

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  • Eben Ramos y Lopez
    Please apply directly ... From:
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      Please apply directly

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      Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2003 5:44 PM
      Subject: URGENT - Call for applications / ICT Entrepreneurs4D Fund for
      Platform at WSIS

      Dear all

      Below please find the Call for applications for the ICT Entrepreneurs 4D
      that will sponsor selected small and medium sized companies from developing
      and transition countries to exhibit at the ICT4D Platform at the World
      Summit on the Information Society.

      Please feel free to widely distribute this message among your contacts.
      As the application deadline is 20th August 2003 we thank you in advance
      for your rapid action / reaction.

      With best regards

      Gabriele Siegenthaler Muinde
      Information and Communication for Development (ICT4D) Division
      Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
      Tel +41 31 325 92 95 - Fax +41 31 324 04 72

      Call for Applications

      The ICT Entrepreneurs4D Fund ...

      ... finances

      * small and medium-sized companies and entrepreneurs
      * from developing and transition countries

      ... to showcase their concepts, services and products in the Exhibition at
      the ICT4D Platform (Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for
      Development (4D) Platform) in Geneva in December 2003 during the UN World
      Summit on the Information Society (WSIS).

      The ICT Entrepreneurs4D Fund is sponsored by the Swiss Government,
      represented by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). It
      is administered by Otto Frei AG, the Project Team of the ICT4D Platform.

      Who Can Apply ?
      Organisations that pursue commercial activities in the area of ICT, are
      registered and active in developing and transition countries and employ a
      maximum 50 employees.
      Entrepreneurs with commercial ideas in a pilot phase as well as established
      companies qualify.

      What Is Financed ?
      Financing includes the cost for the surface and stand at the Exhibition as
      well as travel cost and accommodation for 1 representative. The exhibition
      material and decoration of the stand is not normally included and is to be
      paid for by the exhibiting company or entrepreneur.

      What Are the Selection Criteria ?
      Innovative concepts, services and products that contribute to the effective
      use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).
      Companies from least developed countries will be given preference.

      What is the advantage of showcasing at the ICT4D Platform ?
      The Platform will be the largest ever such event and brings together
      sector, governmental organisations and civil society. It is a market place
      where applications, products, services and projects are showcased and
      synergies sought. The Platform will stimulate concrete multi-stakeholder
      deals, action-oriented partnerships and joint programmes. The debate will
      extend to the role of the private sector in realising the potential of ICT
      for development and the question of adequate and innovative financing
      models and options.

      How to Apply ?
      Please go to www.ict-4d.org <http://www.ict-4d.org
      The application dead-line is 20 August 2003.

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      leave your family parrot with the town gossip
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