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A friend of City College is running for Student Trustee!

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  • AnthonyG
    See Message From Shanell Williams Below: Hello Everyone, My name is Shanell Williams and I am running for Student Trustee because we need a voice on the Board
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 23, 2013
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      See Message From Shanell Williams Below:

      Hello Everyone,

      My name is Shanell Williams and I am running for Student Trustee because we need a voice on the Board of Trustees that is focused on  the interests of students! During the most unprecedented crisis in the history of City College of San Francisco it is critical that the 85,000 students at CCSF have a representative that has the integrity, courage, experience and the passion needed to ensure the voices of students are heard. I was raised in San Francisco and I am a re-entry student. I am an Urban Studies major and will be transferring to a 4 year university after completing my studies at CCSF. I believe that education is a right and that our school needs to have the resources to preserve our  mission as a community college.

      I like many other students, depend on this college to reach my educational goal. CCSF must remain an open, affordable and accessible institution for future generations. As Student Trustee I am committed to keeping the student body and campus leaders at CCSF aware of important issues at campuses and centers and within our local and state government.

      The election takes place from today April 10th to April 23rd. Voting takes place on the 24th and 25th at Ocean Campus and all 8 centers. 

      If you know any students that want to volunteer for the campaign they can contact me at 415-375-1069 or by email at shanellfortrustee@gmail. com More information about me below:

      My Work Experience 

      -Have 13 years of combined experience of community service, civic engagement and advocacy in San Francisco. Have worked for youth and families, low income and working class individuals, women, students, people of color in areas of environmental justice, violence prevention, employment rights, criminal and juvenile justice, youth development and education.

      -Have served on the San Francisco Youth Commission, San Francisco Juvenile Justice Commission and graduate of the Women's Policy Institute. I have years of experience in the areas of lobbying at local and state level and can write legislation, policies and bill language.

      -Have years of grassroots community organizing experience and have been able to mobilize community members and students to take action in numerous areas.

      -Have experience planning large events and hosted Reggae and Dubstep festival with 7,00 attendees in Fillmore District of San Francisco

      -Have experience serving on boards and working with multimillion dollar budgets for nonprofit organizations.

      -Jefferson Award for Public Service recipient

      As CCSF student for past two years:

      -Elected  and served as Associated Students President and as Vice President of Communications.

      -Helped with the passage of Prop A and Prop 30-brings additional 14 million to CCSF

      -One of the lead organizers with the Save CCSF Coalition which seeks to maintain access and affordability of CCSF for all students. Organized Student Sit In and March 14 Rally at City Hall.

      -Have served on Accreditation workgroups and current member of Participatory Governance Council for the college.

      -Organized CCSF International Student Solidarity Forum with student leaders from Chile, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Canada.

      -Organized Diversity Rally and screenings of "Precious Knowledge" to protect ethnic, women and LGBTQ studies

      -Have testified in Sacramento for education and was student speaker this year for March in March

      -Have become national spokesperson for community colleges and have represented ASC in print, radio and television news.

      -As President oversee management of 12 resource centers, 100 student clubs, 15 council members and 9 student staff. Served on the ASC Executive Council and Bookstore Board of Directors.

      -Implementing mural project on Ocean Avenue with Lick Wilmerding High School and mural in the Student Union.

      I want to ensure as Student Trustee that:

      -There are no further cuts to student services, programs and classes. Stop downsizing the mission of CCSF.

      -Restore all cuts to counseling services  

      -Increase the minimum wage for student workers

      -Implement the discounted MUNI and BART pass for CCSF students

      -Keep campus safe and improve traffic on Phelan Avenue

      -Restore cuts to classes, reduce class sizes and help students transfer and obtain certificates

      - Restore cuts to retention programs such as EOPS, Calworks, Disabled Student Services, Second Chance and retention centers such as the African American Scholastic Programs (AASP), the Asian Pacific American Student Success (APASS) program, the Latino Service Network (LSN) and TULAY (Tagalog for "BRIDGE")/Filipino American Student Success program

      -Protect GED, ESL and vocational and technical programs for students

      -Build more community partnerships and create an alumni association

      -Hire more maintenance staff and fix issues with facilities

      -Improve technology

      -Build unity between students, staff, faculty and administration

      -Ensure administration includes students in all important decision making processes

      -More focus on student outreach, make sure we meet our enrollment base

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