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Fw: Fw: Student Fashion Designer Avant-garde Competition | Fashion O

Hello Students and Alumni! A fashion show you may want to be a part of :) Please note that they are pushing the deadline back to Aug 28th for you all! Best
    Kamille Hitz
    12:39 PM
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    Fw: Job Posting

    Hey Students and Alumni! Job posting below 😊 Best Kamille ... Experienced seamstress, part-time or full-time okay, construction of children's cotton dresses
    Kamille Hitz
    Aug 14


    Hello CCSF Fashion! This email is to introduce you all to a local fabric store, quilting resource, non-profit organization and general all around cool place.
    Kamille Hitz
    Jul 31

    Fw: Forever 21 Discount Coupon

    Forwarding this to you from our instructor Priscilla Fong! ________________________________ For the entire month of August all students and teachers will
    Kamille Hitz
    Jul 28
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      F21 Aug promotion.pdf

    Student mentor interviews

    Hello Fabulous Students! Many of you have benefitted from the new Student Mentor program we have currently at CCSF. First I would like to thank J, Jazmin,
    Kamille Hitz
    Jul 26

    Spotlight on FASH 71 Creating Art to Wear

    Hey students! The Fall semester is fast approaching. I'll be highlighting a few courses for you to consider if you haven't filled your schedule yet! Best
    Kamille Hitz
    Jul 25

    Fw: Fashion Blog Internship Opportunity

    Hey folks! Neat internship attached, forwarded to us by fellow CCSF student! We can all help each other out! Best Kamille ________________________________
    Kamille Hitz
    Jul 24
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      Accidentally Jetset Internship .pdf

    Fw: Fashion Mid-Summer coordinator hire

    We are looking for events coordinator for our mid-summer event on 29 & 30 July 2017 from 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
    Kamille Hitz
    Jul 19

    Fw: [Membership] Part Time Job in Fashion Design, Working with Youth

    Job opportunity, sent to us by a CCSF alumni who is wishing you all the best! ... Date: Tue, Jun 20, 2017 at 4:38 PM Subject: [Membership] Part Time Job in
    Kamille Hitz
    Jun 22

    Fw: CCSF Fashion Students/Alum Employment Opportunities

    Hello! See below for info about RealReal and their job opportunities! Also- let me know how it goes if you apply! Best Kamille ... As you may have read on
    Kamille Hitz
    Jun 12

    Fashion Design/Illustration books and magazines- going cheap

    Plenty of required CCSF fashion books and cool Japanese runway magazines here. Going pretty cheap and open to offers...Drop me a line if anyone is interested.
    Jun 9
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    Fw: [YAX FACULTY] Looking for a fashion design faculty member

    For our alumni out there..... interested in teaching? Best Kamille ... From: Reed Davaz McGowan >
    Kamille Hitz
    Jun 5


    Thank you to all the students and instructors who made the fashion show happen! It was a wonderful night. I am always amazed by what we can do when we come
    Kamille Hitz
    Jun 5

    Fashion Club on Friday!

    Hello! This Friday is our last Fashion Club meeting for the semester. We will be starting up again in August after school starts! You do not have to already
    May 24

    Fashion Design Degree and Certificate Renovation Meeting

    Hello Students! We need to look at the Fashion Design Degree and Certificate. Our goal is to make sure the classes required are relevant and enriching, and to
    Kamille Hitz
    May 18
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