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2213Student Designer Competition applications due Aug 15

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  • Kamille Hitz
    Jul 22, 2014
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      Hello Fabulousinas!

      The San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International orgainization is sponsoring a student designer competition. Applications are due on Aug 15. There is a $500 cash prize for first place, and $200 for second. Should I mention that if any of you win, or even participate with your amazing designs, all of us get more street cred? Go represent CCSF!

      You can download the full form at www.sfsfwi.org, or email competition@... for more information. Below is part of the form I was able to cut and paste into this email so that Yahoo would accept it....



      SFSFWI 2014 Students’ Designers Competition Application

      Deadline for Application August 15, 2014 Application Fee: $35.00

      Student’s designs must meet the following sustainable criteria for fabric and production.

      Garments or accessories must benefit both people and the planet.

      Garments or accessories must have a low carbon footprint.

      Garments or accessories must be Ethical and Eco-friendly.

      Recycled fabrics are permitted to create clothing.

      Any material that is derived from organic, paper, plastic, wood, wire, food or metal may also be used or recycled.

      Mandatory requirements:

      Be enrolled in accredited fashion college or fashion program. Letter of recommendation from Fashion department, Chairman or Instructor, along with application and sketches for consideration to Competition@... Student may create up to four pieces for the show.

      Student Designers must attend the Fashion Symposium to learn more about sustainability Friday September 26, 2014. Students will receive free admission.

      All student designers will be notified if selected to showcase in SFSFWI no later than August 31, 2014.

      Students must present samples of their collection for review to the SFSWI committee before September 15, 2014

      Main Contact Name: First:_________________________ Last:_________________________________

      Address:______________________________________________City _________________Zip_____________

      Phone: _______________________________ Email:____________________________________________

      School name:____________________________________________ City: _____________________________

      Fashion Department Chairman/Representative Name: ___________________________________________

      Contact number:_______________________________ Email:_____________________________________

      Describe your Brand: Type of fabric used:______________________________________________________

      ___Natural or vegetable dyes ____Recyclable ____Other