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2147Good news for CCSF and don't forget Spring Semester starts this Saturday!

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  • Kamille Hitz
    Jan 7, 2014
      Hello Fabulous Fashionistas!

      The lawsuits put forth by the City of San Francisco and the California Teacher's Federation were looked at by a Judge over the Holidays. The Judge ruled in favor for us! The lawsuit will likely go to trial in about a year, and CCSF cannot be shut down while the process is happening. If we win, then the accreditation commission must re-evaluate CCSF based on new, fair, and open guidelines. The Judge was decisive about the harm that would result if CCSF were to close: "Those consequences would be catastrophic," to students first and foremost, but also to faculty, college employees, and the San Francisco economy. He also found that at trial "AFT would probably be able to establish that the college was not afforded a fair procedure."

      Also don't forget our semester starts THIS SATURDAY.  I wanted to mention it again to you all since it is a bit early this year. If you are taking a Saturday or Sunday class, we'll see you this weekend!


      (p.s. I am not teaching Sunday, it is Annette teaching 15A at the Chinatown campus. The paper schedule of classes has a lot of mistakes, look online to doublecheck!)