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  • Ok guys I'm a bad owner. I left the area in Feb. it was low on my priority list but I still have GCTZ91 and GCV0PY out there. both are activly getting people to stop by but from the log traffic it looks as if OMC Brown stone is in need of a check up. Unfortunatelly the drive from Korea is preventing that. So now it is in the front of my mind and was wondering if anyone would be...
    Dave (MonkeyNuts16) Jun 29, 2008
  • Before the Major left he sent me all of his caches sans Can't Miss this Eucaliptus and Girls Rule (which he left for the girlscout troop) Because Tigger 31314 is going to be here longer, I have since sent most of them to him and he should be keeping most of the series up. On that note C Major is a Resiliant SOB and his most recent event cache is a testiment to that just as his...
    Dave Nov 14, 2006
  • If you missed out on getting your GJTB, I happen to know that there will be a few at the Ord EGB Event (GCWV45) on Sat that will be raffled off. If your not interested in GJTBs come out anyway it should be fun. MN16
    Dave Aug 9, 2006
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  • One Week 'til the Expert Geocacher Badge Event. Really excited to see everyone there :) It's going to be a blast! If you haven't seen it go to Goecaching.com and look at GCWV45. Food Fun and Friends what more can you ask for... maybe a few FTF caches and some TBs a few WJTBs and Oh yea The mystic 2006 GJTB. Come on... what else do I have to say to talk you into coming. Hope to see...
    Dave Aug 4, 2006