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Hello New Members!

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  • ynots4chickasaw
    Welcome our newest members! This is a leaderless yahoogroup. The owner of this group is long gone and I think I am the only active moderator left. I
    Message 1 of 1 , May 30, 2013
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      Welcome our newest members!   This is  a leaderless yahoogroup.    The owner of this group is long gone and I think I am the only active "moderator" left.  I saw redtroll2 earlier this year and found out he had become an Eagle Boy Scout had graduated from Stanford University, but I am not sure he geocaches anymore.    Also, those of you who knew him before, he appears to be at least 6' tall now!

      I am approving memberships in this group only for those who appear to be real geocachers.  Sorry if I was late getting back to you.  I deleted "Wavesprite" because of the spamish nature of that last email.  It was probably a hacked account.

      Feel free  to put out requests for caching help or perhaps find other cachers near you.   This group will only be what you put into it.  I live in Santa Cruz and have not been out geocaching much of late, but plan to get back out soon.

      Happy Trails!

      Chickasaw of "ynots4"   (Owner of virtual geocache "The World's Largest Artichoke" in Castroville)
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